Lenten Letter from Bishop Robert Muench

February 2015

Dearly Beloved Sisters and Brothers in the Lord,

            Greetings in Christ Jesus. Lent affords us an especially graced opportunity to draw closer in communication and relationship with God. How fortunate we are as Catholics to celebrate the various liturgical seasons reflecting the majesty of God and the history of our salvation.

            The Light is ON for You, Year 6. Again this year, the Diocese of Baton Rouge will celebrate the Light is ON for You. This initiative enables us extra times to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, often on designated Wednesday evenings in Lent from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm at certain parish churches. (Please see attached brochure for dates, places and times.)

            Teaching and Example of Pope Francis. On March 28, 2014, Pope Francis assisted in hearing confessions at St. Peter’s Basilica. Before taking his station, he himself went to face-to-face confession as a penitent to another confessor. Pope Francis modelled for us all his openness to receive God’s mercy and forgiveness in this powerful sacrament of healing and mercy.

            Recognizing our human nature and its inclinations to sin. As humans we are prone to imperfection and weakness. St. Paul himself, a great apostle of Jesus, wrote: “I do not do the good I want, but I do the evil I do not want… Miserable one that I am.” (Romans 7:19, 24).  

            Our own personal history of response to God’s call to ongoing conversion of heart. Let us reflect on our reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation: our first time, our last time, times in-between. Perhaps for some reason we have never received the sacrament. Possibly we received it many times as a youth, but not so often since. Maybe we receive it regularly. I understand the natural human inclination not to reveal ourselves, especially our most serious failures. In so doing, however, we can have a cathartic experience of cleansing. Whether it is a one-time, non-confessed serious fall from grace—recently or long-standing—or an admission of a habitual sin, or a series of venial sins, be courageous enough to trust God, the priest of your choosing and yourself. You will receive guaranteed divine forgiveness, and experience self-relief, peace, comfort and joy that may very well overwhelm you immediately and stay with you for days.

            Available schedule. Please click here to access the Light is ON for You 2015 brochure for confessions in the diocese and take advantage of this special opportunity. Over a hundred times in Scripture does God tell us: “Do not be afraid; fear not; do not let your hearts be troubled.” Believe in the power of God to work in you and for you. You will not regret it. A grace-filled Lent, everyone.

                                                   In the compassionate mercy and love of Jesus,
                                                   Robert W. Muench
                                                   Bishop of Baton Rouge


Letter from Bishop Robert Muench to

People of God of the Diocese of Baton Rouge

 January 2015 Annual Priests' Formation Days


2014 Adult Confirmation

Pentecost Sunday, June 8, 3:00 PM

Our Lady of Mercy Church,

445 Marquette Ave., Baton Rouge

Again this year, Bishop Muench will administer the Sacrament of Confirmation to adults from throughout the diocese who for one reason or another have not yet been confirmed and are properly prepared. The celebration will be on the Solemnity of Pentecost: Sunday, June 8, 2014, at 3 pm at OUR LADY OF MERCY CHURCH, BATON ROUGE.

Due to renovations at St. Joseph Cathedral, another location was required.

Click here for Adult Confirmation forms and information.


  Prayer of Thanksgivi

Father in Heaven, Creator of all and source of all

goodness and love, please look kindly upon us

and receive our heartfelt gratitude

in this time of
giving thanks.

Thank you for all the graces and blessings You

have bestowed upon us, spiritual and temporal:

our faith and religious heritage, our food and

shelter, our health, the loves we have for one

another, our family and friends.

Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity, please

grant us continued graces and blessings

throughout the coming year.

This we ask in the Name of Jesus,

Your Son and
our Brother.